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The daughter of Dutch diplomats, Jorien grew up in many countries, learned to adapt to any situation and to communicate with any kind of person at an early age. Her upbringing, with diverse experiences of protocol, instilled in her an attitude of service and respect for humanity which continues to this day.

Her two mother-tongues being English and Dutch, Jorien's other languages include French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and German.

Wanting to give her service more backbone, Jorien studied the business of hospitality at Hotelschool The Hague where she obtained a Bachelor in Hospitality Administration.

To give the best service possible, Jorien draws from her extensive experience in the hospitality industry, from catering and restaurant work to managing a bar & lounge, being responsible for VIP guests in a five-star luxury Manhattan hotel and running an events location.

Jorien also holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she studied Fine Arts, Art History and Philosophy. This wonderful academic environment enabled her to gain more intellectual substance and find her passion for art-making in the studio.

Having many interests, Jorien also studied Japanese at Kyoto University for Foreign Studies, Irish Theatre for a summer at The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Dance-theatre in The Hague, Voice and Improv in New York, played the violin for many years as a child, and practices Aikido when and wherever she can.

Besides her travels for work and pleasure, Jorien has lived in Dublin, Jakarta, Washington DC, Dakar, Rome, Brussels, Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, The Hague and New York.


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